Providence Park Apartment Jakarta, Permata Hijau, Apartemen for Sale

Please contact : 081310255479


The Ultimate
in Luxurious City Living

Providence Park

offers limited unique apartments arranged over 32 floors

Imagine an apartment building in which every apartment has the best views, both north and south, as well as all the luxurious facilities of a top resort

All the apartments are column-free

spacious and luxurious, designed to make life easy, comfortable and convenient.



– Location : Jl. Kalimaya – Jl. Iskandar Muda, Permata Hijau, Jakarta Selatan

– 1 Luxurious Apartment Tower

– Developer : PT. Sinar Pamaronda

– Strata Title apartment ownership

– Total Site Area : + 8700 sqm

– Private Lift

– All Balcony Apartments

– 32 Floors

– Units : Typical Units + Penthouse + Townhouse

4 units per floor (typical)



– Outdoor Swimming Pool (Ground Floor)
– Children’s Pool (Ground Floor)
– Indoor Pool (at 4th Floor)
– Outdoor Playground
– Tennis Court
– Jogging Track
– Clubhouse
– Mini theatre
– Fitness Center
– Wine Cellar


Price (2016) :   + Rp. …. juta/sqm


For those who are interested to own the unit of Providence Park Apartment,
Please contact : 081310255479, or email : [email protected]


Apabila anda tertarik untuk memiliki unit di Apartemen Providence Park,
Silakan hubungi : 081310255479, atau email : [email protected]

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Disclaimer – While all reasonable care has been taken in this brochure, the developer and its agent(s) shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. All statements are believed to be correct but shall not be regarded as statement or representations of fact. Visual representations including models, drawings, illustrations, photographs, and art rendering portray artistic impressions only and not to be taken as representations of fact. Floor areas and other measurements are approximate only and are subject to final survey. All information, plans and specifications are current at the time of print and are subject to changes as may be required or approved by the developer and / or the relevant authorities. Rendering and illustrations are artist’s impressions only and cannot be regarded as representation of fact. The size and dimension are approximate measurements using equipment, criteria and methods determined by the developer.

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catatan: Semua data, ilustrasi (rendering / artist’s impression) yang terlampir berdasarkan situasi dan kondisi pada masa persiapan. Perubahan dapat terjadi disesuaikan dengan kondisi lapangan untuk penyempurnaan dan merupakan hak penuh developer.

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